saki chan ▽ The world of oil painting


『My dream is world-famous painter』** ੈ⊚⃝⸜(ू´•͈ω•͈⑅)⋆。 
  • While autonomic imbalance and going out panic disorder are treated, I work as a painter

  • The master is an abstract picture of the oil painting. But I draw a design on the accessory and, in response to the request of the portrait, sell it and I take it and sell a picture to a photograph

I am active in the net in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google blog

  • And I open the gallery and send it on an open call for participants exhibition

  • I try an image power and the technique hard still more so that it can bring about a more attractive work fun at all to paint a work like me though it is poor

  • I get over and want to come to be able to carry out a lot of activities from indoor activity outside early
  • Because you report events slowly, please support him